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  1. 71Corolla

    How to properly restore headlights

    This is the only method that is a permanent fix, well as permanent as possible. I've used SpayMax 2K Clear, in this vid he's using Eastwood. Are they the same product? Anyway, watch....
  2. 71Corolla

    GMC Hummer EV Supertruck

    This thing is downright *ucking cool.
  3. 71Corolla

    Best place to buy Toyota fasteners?

    I'm talking about metal, screws and bolts. I don't want stainless anywhere it will contact steel, galvanic corrosion is a real thing and gets quite bad when you toss salt into the mix. Zinc plating would be ideal. Stainless will be fine anywhere the screw/bolt goes into a nylon clip. I rust...
  4. 71Corolla

    Question for the detailing experts

    How do I restore this panel? Don't know what the original finish was, meaning gloss or semi-gloss it's too old scratched and beat up to know. I wet sanded and polished a section to see how it would turn out. Can get a high gloss out of it Not polished Problem I see is the plastic is...
  5. 71Corolla

    Detailing products you've tried and like

    Been using this polish duo getting excellent results. Using with orange or yellow pad for the cut polish, green or black for the final stage.
  6. 71Corolla

    DIY - 2VZ-FE Timing Belt Change

    Stuff you need Basic tools including 3/8 and 1/2 inch socket set. Breaker bar Torque wrench Several jacks and jack stands Brake cleaner Small piece of wood, preferably 3/8ths plywood, piece of 2x4 Bungee cord Timing belt kit Music and beer First aid kit Diagram for torque settings and...
  7. 71Corolla

    DIY 1MZ-FE Coolant Replacement

    This is 1MZ specific but is similar or the same for most Toyota/Lexus V6 engines that use a timing belt. I used Toyota Long Life Coolant also known as RED. This is full strength and must be diluted I went for 55% coolant 45% deionized water. Canadian Tire sells it...
  8. 71Corolla

    DIY - manual transmission fluid change

    This is applicable to most FWD manual transmissions. I did this on the 1987 Camry, 4-cylinder with the S51 transmission. remove splash shield remove fill plug, 17mm remove drain plug, 24mm can't tell in the photo but this Royal Purple ATF, forgot I had used this stuff. It was still dark...
  9. 71Corolla

    DIY: 2VZ-FE distributor removal

    Replacing the O-ring so why not make a DIY. remove strut bar remove air box, release these clips and pull off the connector NEVER try removing these screws! This will damage the AFM air box removed ignition wire routing for reference remove distributor connector Loosen three 8mm...
  10. 71Corolla

    Automotive LEDs

    This became an obsession for me it took a fair amount of trial and error (think $$$$$) to figure out what works/what is good. I recently found these they turned out to be great They seem to be the exact same as these, or possibly a knock off if so a...
  11. 71Corolla

    I can't find decent front brake rotors for my car

    This is ridiculous, need front brake rotors for the silver 1990 car has ABS so NOT the smaller rotors they must be 277mm diameter. Rockauto has them but only in the economy brand. There are a few dodgy sellers in Canada that sell only brake products reviews are mixed at best. Centric makes a...
  12. 71Corolla

    The Ongoing Interesting Vehicles Video Thread

    Post em, Youtube preferred. Jay Leno of course has some of the coolest and most interesting rides around, this is a super cool project but that thing scares me. Watch to find out why.
  13. 71Corolla

    Broken strut, subframes and other gen3 shenanigans

    You may recognize this car from that other forum, car owned by @Silent Runner and from this thread. In summary the RH strut broke sending the car into a spin thankfully no one was hurt the only damage besides the broken strut and a bent trailing arm is scuffs to the wheel. @Silent Runner and...
  14. 71Corolla

    Unusually Rare Celica for sale
  15. 71Corolla

    Anyone here use Amsoil ATF?

    Been thinking about using it in my cars, it's expensive but not super expensive. Especially considering it for my ES300 since it has the craptastic U140E.
  16. 71Corolla

    71Corolla's For Sale Thread

    All prices are not including shipping, will ship anywhere. PayPal only. Click for larger images. 1987-1991 Camry power mirrors. Almost new condition rare to find them this nice. Tested and working. $75.00 I think the colour is ice blue metalic 8G2...
  17. 71Corolla

    How to glue this?

    Center caps for Toyota OEM wheels the cap keeps separating from the metal portion. When it originally let go I used epoxy that lasted 1 season then fell off was lucky not to lose it. Next I used super glue plus some dabs of epoxy that failed as well. Seems like the extreme cold makes the...
  18. 71Corolla

    Forums is broken UPDATE: Fixed

    Yes I am aware, something went wrong with the update. Working on it.
  19. 71Corolla

    New Site Style - Yota Retro

    Navigate to the bottom of the page - left side you'll see click/tap and choose Yota Retro Or click here
  20. 71Corolla

    Anyone know what type of fuses these are?

    Box is out of a Yaris (or maybe Echo) I can get the fuses from a dealer but I want different amp ratings in this form factor.